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Meze119 Veg Bistro

While touted as a ‘vegetarian bistro’, Meze119 actually includes a unique array of vegan menu items. Additionally, they’re extremely flexible and conscientious and often cater to vegan requests with slight menu modifications. Having been to Meze119 a handful of times, there hasn’t been a time that I didn’t like an item from the menu. I think I may have also converted a few friends who turned their nose up at meat alternatives. Having options is nice, isn’t it?


Sweet Potato Bourekas

Meze119 has a standard menu but often have weekly, or daily, specials. This time around I started with their bourekas appetizer – light and flaky pastries filled with sweet potato and fake bacon. For a main course tried the special, Vegan BBQ Pork Chops with sweet potatoes and crispy onion topping. It was very decadent but balanced and the pork chops were actually moist, not dried-out and drenched with A1 sauce as I vaguely remember growing up.

They have a great wine selection to accompany dishes and also include a kid-friendly menu for smaller portions.

Other Recommendations

  1. Moroccan BBQ Chikk’n
  2. Dead Sea Samuhn (seriously thought it was real salmon with nori seaweed skin)
  3. Flat Iron Stak
  4. Hummus, Baba Ghanoush, and Moroccan Carrot Salad

Meze119 is located at 119 2nd Street N. St. Petersburg, FL 33701.

St. Petersburg, FL 33701

Paul Trusik

35 y/o web guru vegan enthusiast encouraging meat/dairy-free habits. Since college, reaping health benefits of clean eating. Diet is a lifestyle, not a fad.

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