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After frustration thumbing through my Epicurious account, various bookmarked recipe sites, and scribbled notes on print-outs scattered throughout the house, I decided to start Vegan Mint to help catalog my frequently cooked dishes and favorite cuisines.

Why Vegan Mint?


Electric Veganism

Well, Vegan ‘Fresh’ was already taken. Seriously though, mint is one of my three favored ingredients I try to incorporate into food I prepare (next to Basil and Cilantro). Plus, it already infers ‘fresh’.

Veganism should be a voluntary, not forced, experience. Open your mind to explore options for a healthier lifestyle.

Friends have commented on the meatless contributions I’ve brought to parties and get-togethers; often astonished food could be as addicting and tasteful without meat or dairy products. I figured I could have fun while educating others on healthier alternatives when cooking, as well as raise awareness of some of our vegan options while eating out in the Tampa Bay area. Whether you’re looking for a lifestyle change, trying to cut out unnecessary calories, or experiment eliminating certain processed food products that may be contributing to health ailments or allergies, I encourage you to try something new.

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