1st Vegan, Gluten-Free Teff Chips

Tired of vegan snacks claiming to be a healthier alternative, yet full of oils and animal fat?

An unconventional solution could be right around the corner – in the form of a new crowd-funded effort. Inspired by and made in Ethiopia from injera (Dirkosh, a traditional teff food), the new vegan, gluten-free, and oil-free chip made the grain also supports women farmers and will employ at-risk individuals in Ethiopia. Continue reading

duckweed urban market

Duckweed Urban Market

This past weekend was the grand re-opening of Duckweed Urban Market in their new, larger residence at the bottom of the Element apartments in downtown Tampa. Not a far relocation from the quaint, smaller storefront just two blocks up next to the Hub on Polk Street. The improved spacious layout provides more ways to navigate through some great local products, organic produce, very healthy beer & wine selections, a juice bar, and indoor/outdoor seating. Continue reading

vegan chicken alfredo

Chicken Alfredo Pasta

Missing out on your favorite creamy Fettuccine Alfredo dish after going vegan? Don’t fret, plentiful options with what you can recreate with cashew nut cheese and a little almond (or coconut) milk! You can still indulge all you want, and not feel ‘as’ guilty with the caloric intake you’d experience with a heavier dairy-version. What’s better is you can further experiment with a plethora of pasta, and veggie, combinations. Try it out tonight for a hearty meal you can experience with a friend, or for the entire family. Continue reading

vegan potato leek soup

Creamy Potato-Leek Soup

First time making potato-leek soup and while there have been plenty of recipes out there requiring plentiful amounts of butter and heavy cream, this vegan-friendly recipe yields just as creamy (and flavorful) results. It’s extremely nourishing too, leeks happen to be full of iron while garlic/onions include their own immune-boosting properties. Continue reading

vegan nachos

Vegan Nachos Bell Grande

Okay…my mind is a bit blown. It’s been quite some time since I allowed myself to indulge in fast food. Growing up in the midwest, I worked summers as a lifeguard at the city pool and remember Taco Bell being one of our favorite lunch spots. My poison, Nachos Bell Grande. Even then, I knew it wasn’t ‘good’ for me but would often make food runs and get multiple orders for the guards to scarf down between shifts.

Na-cho ordinary treat! Not until last Continue reading