Buffalo Bleu Cheese Pizza

Buffalo Bleu Cheese Pizza

buffalo vegan pizza

Buffalo Wing bleu cheese pizza almost ready!

We’ve already demonstrated that you can create vegan pizzas that are just as indulgent as the ‘real thing’, but this last creation made me wish there was someone slapping my hand to keep from going back for 2nds, or 3rds, in this case. Not only have I never tried substituting the texture of BBQ cauliflower for chicken, but didn’t believe the decadent flavor I’d be in store for when pairing with tofu bleu cheese!

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Chinese stir-fry

Satisfying Asian Stir-Fry

If there’s one thing I find enjoy and ease in coming up with, it’s the variety of stir-fry meals you can create using a combination of great ingredients. Generally simple to prepare, most of the work comes in chopping up fresh vegetables unless, of course, you cheat and buy some frozen or pre-chopped. Most of the flavor comes from the sauce added during cooking. Continue reading